WhatsUr20 is a revolutionary new app for the iPhone that makes sharing your whereabouts with your friends and family safe and easy.

Previously, it was:
 Hey – are you still at work?
 Yes.  I’m working late.
 What time do you think you will leave?
 I’m not sure – probably another hour or so.
 OK.  Let me know when you leave so that I can start dinner.

Now, with WhatsUr20:  Bobby has left work

What makes WhatsUr20 different from other applications on the market is a strong emphasis on privacy.  Most location-sharing applications require you to share your location with everyone, everywhere you go.  Many are manual, requiring you to pull up the app and tap a button to let someone know where you are at.  WhatsUr20 removes these burdens, making your life simpler and easier.

1.  Private


2.  Automatic

Very few location-sharing apps on the market can automatically update your location in the background, without you having to click or do anything.  The few that can have poor performance, and can drain your battery in a matter of hours.  WhatsUr20 finds a balance between accurate readings and minimal battery impact.  By using a patent-pending method, WhatsUr20 is able to determine when you are at a place without having to drain the battery all day to do so.

Install the app on your loved ones’ phones and never again worry about where they are at.  Have your employees install it and know which jobsite they are at, as well as receive alerts when they arrive and leave.  Give it to your friends and tell them when you are at your favorite restaurant, the park, or just at home.  The applications for WhatsUr20 are limitless, and with the automatic updates, it is easy and simple to use.

3.  Flexible

Instead of having to share your location with everyone, you can choose who can see you at any given location.  Perhaps you want your friends to know when you are at home or work.  You would like your co-workers to know when you are at the office or at a jobsite.  Your family needs to know where you are at all times.  WhatsUr20 gives you the flexibility to do all of these things, quickly and easily.


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